Looking at Art at the Met and Reading for Zeteo

There’s nothing like playing tourist in your own city, especially when that city is New York. Yesterday, I spent a morning at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Behind us, a family spoke French and behind them, another family spoke Mandarin. In front of us, a few of the youngest members of a family from the Midwest found themselves too tired from waiting and opted to sit on the steps while mom and dad stood in line (good thing they arrived early). As the museum had just opened, the wait to enter wasn’t very long and once inside, some rooms were completely empty, which is always a welcome treat in a crowded metropolis.

There is so much to see that it’s impossible to see everything. Our goal was to spend a couple of hours strolling around and then go back home and enjoy some lounging for the remainder of the day. Having visited the museum a few times, after first visiting the current exhibitions, I am repeatedly drawn to my favorites and certain collections. We were a bit sleepy—it was Sunday morning. Perhaps that is why I found myself drawn to the juxtaposition of two paintings: Pablo Picasso’s “The Dreamer,” 1932 and Joan Miró’s “Ceci est la couleur de mes rêves (This is the color of my dreams),” 1925.

The imagery of one is so complex and the other very simple, but both are impactful. I looked at each painting individually and then stood in the middle of the room looking back and forth. Certainly it is no accident that they are positioned opposite each other. Did anyone else notice?

And what color are your dreams?

This week, I’m posting for Zeteo and doing a Week of Reading.


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